01. Anyone who does not [comply] with these regulations will be asked to leave.
02. Our neighbors have been ordered by the city to clean up their yard, but so far they seem unwilling to [comply].
03. The U.N. has sent a mission to Iraq to verify [compliance] to the ban on the development of chemical weapons.
04. Students may be expelled for refusal to [comply] with school rules.
05. The city does not have enough staff to ensure [compliance] with the new bylaw.
06. The government has hired young people to investigate whether local businesses are [complying] with the law outlawing the sale of tobacco products to minors.
07. He's hopeful his ex-wife will [comply] with his wishes for joint custody of their three children.
08. Yolanda wouldn't make a good manager because she's too [compliant] and is unable to make the difficult decisions.
09. Critics complain that the state's anti-pollution laws are meaningless because there is insufficient personnel to ensure [compliance].
10. The government is hoping television stations will [comply] with voluntary guidelines regarding appropriate programming during peak viewing hours.
11. You must attend class, in order to [comply] with the requirements of your student visa.
12. Bruce is a little too [compliant] in his dealings with the boss. He needs to learn to stand up for himself.
13. I don't want simple, mindless [compliance] with our family rules; I'm hoping you will understand the reasons behind them and agree to follow them.
14. The Prime Minister is refusing to [comply] with Opposition demands for an inquiry into the affair.
15. Both sides in the conflict have stated their determination to [comply] with the ceasefire.
16. United Nations personnel are monitoring [compliance] with the accord.
17. The company has stated it will no longer deal with the factory until it agrees to [comply] with certain labor standards.
18. Some of the countries which have signed the United Nations Universal Charter of Human Rights do not actually [comply] with some of its provisions.
19. Danny gets into less trouble than his sister Michelle because he is much more [compliant].
20. Drinking establishments in this city must now charge at least $3 per drink in order to [comply] with a new municipal bylaw.
21. Owners of a couple of the local pubs are suggesting they do not intend to [comply] with the smoking ban.
22. There is a German proverb which states that a friendly denial is better than unwilling [compliance].
23. Industry spokesmen are complaining that it is impossible to [comply] with the new anti-pollution regulations.
24. An official in the Internal Revenue Service once warned that a taxpaying public that doesn't understand the law is a taxpaying public that can't [comply] with the law.
25. Samuel Butler once wrote that he that [complies] against his will is of his own opinion still.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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